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Pundit Data Center Consulting Group has emerged as a market leader for 21st century data center strategies, management, evaluations and performance. We assist regional, domestic and multinational organizations with an array of services inclusive of all data center related activities. Our global team includes subject matter experts in every region of the world. The group has a unique structure ensuring consistent service across geographies and service-lines. Our expertise and experience is unmatched in the industry and includes a staff of engineers and data center designers.

Our Data Center Consulting Group is renowned for creative solutions to age old problems. We believe that the client’s needs are the key to developing the appropriate short and long-term strategies. With insight that can only be provided by industry experts and up-to-date engineering mechanics, we are able to propose and implement flexible solutions that will stand the test of time.

We will help you with end to end solutions from consulting, design, supply and installation to complete service. A customer driven approach ensures robust and rationalized IT Infrastructure and standard technology components, tools and processes. We judiciously select technology and vendors which include functional fit with customer requirements, technical capabilities and competencies, integration requirements etc.

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