EPI Data Centre Training up to 36months EMI

EPI Data Centre Training up to 36months EMI

There are many reports of a global economic slowdown and possible recession which results in many companies looking for ways to cut cost.

 Would you like to be prepared so you are not on the top of the list to get laid off? 

And if the layoff is unavoidable, imagine having industry recognised certifications to get your CV picked out from the sea of applicants, impressing your interviewers with your extensive knowledge of data centres, and winning your next data centre job, quickly!

The Data Centre Industry Outlook

While some data centres might land themselves in financial difficulties, there are others that will expand and invest in new facilities. Data centres remains to be one of the more stable and robust industry especially now with the increased demand for online services. It is the backbone that enables national and international commerce and financial sectors to continue functioning.

Why EPI Data Centre Training

EPI data centre training and certification have helped thousands of data centre professionals stand-out and get ahead in their data centre careers.  EPI’s data centre course curriculum is not only the first in the world, it is also by far the most attended curriculum in the industry.

Many companies have specified these courses as prerequisites for their staff working in and around the data centre and use them as part of the career planning initiatives. Recognised globally, these certifications add tremendous value to any individual who wants to excel in the data centre industry.

EPI has the complete data centre training framework to meet the needs of any individuals from entry-level professionals up to the highest level of data centre managers/directors/consultants.

Training Available While Under Lockdown!

The EPI data centre training is available via VILT (Virtual Instructor Led Training) including the exams! You can take the training from anywhere even while under lockdown and protect your data centre career. The exam can be taken using the advanced remote proctoring system so you can secure your certificate from the convenience of your home!

Training schedule

Training  May  Jun Jul
DCFC 18-19 15-16 29-30
CDCP 18-19 08-09 06-07
CDCS 27-29 10-12 08-10
CDCE 11-15
CDFOM 20-22 17-19 15-17
CTDC 01-03
CTIA 04-05

Limited Time Offer!

For a limited time, get a free training re-take when you register for any VILT classes* (T&C apply)

Don’t get left behind.  Many data centre professionals have already jumped on the VILT training bandwagon and more are registering each day!

Some Recent Testimonials From Our Customers Who Attended VILT

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